It’s the World’s First Tempura Cart and obviously first also here in the Philippines. Had bought to try and taste this Tokyo Tempura when I saw one of their new branches in SM Malls the other day.

Enjoy eating 6 pieces Tempura while waiting for my friend and impressed with the food. At least, it will satisfy your Tempura craving without compromising your budget.

Tokyo Tempura offers one of the most common Japanese dishes like Shrimp Tempura with the lowest prices on quality. 4 pcs. for only 60 pesos, 6 pcs. at 85 pesos and 115 pesos will have you 9 pieces of this seafood that have been battered and deep fried to get the golden crisp coating.

This was actually worth to be bought. No need to go to expensive Japanese Restaurants just to have your favorite Shrimp Tempura. =)

I had a feeling, many will start to imitate food cart business like this or get a franchise which Tokyo Tempura for sure is also open for franchising.