I usually eat Siomai at legit Chinese fast food like Hen Lin or Chowking and other Chinese restaurants that serve Dim Sums. Ow! Which Chinese restaurants don’t serve this menu? =) Anyway, I love to eat dim sums at these places though it is more expensive than buying at mall kiosk sells siomai for 25 to 29 pesos only.

I tried few siomai food carts before but everything I ate had an awful after taste. In other words, bad taste experience for me.

But, my wife convinced me to buy the said food at Siomai House the other day. While waiting for our daughter at Kumon center, she asked me to buy one order (29 pesos) for her but I bought two for us. =)

Siomai at Siomai House for me, it’s not delicious, but it’s not disgusting. Still, it was quite pleasant and has decent taste compare to others. You can still finish with a smile. =)