Many of us are living on a budget and always looking where to eat out on an affordable fast food or restaurant. Sometimes, we shied discovering features in other restaurant. Don’t be afraid to try your favorite or other dishes in some fast foods that are new for you. Or better search and read first for reviews, stories and blogs before you hit your prospect. =)

Pancake House is not new but a classic reference to fast food. They’re not just for pancakes but popular foods you usually see in any fast food restaurants. Last Sunday, our latest food trip here in Pancake House happened.

I’m glad I saw crunchy taco in the menu. =) Spaghetti and breaded fried chicken are also available. We tried tacos and fried chicken with rice.

Colorful South of the Border Mexican treat! Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese in a crispy taco shell. It’s the Best Taco in Town with reasonable price of 112 pesos each.

Pancake House’s Best Taco in Town, it serves bigger than Taco Bell but they both have soft and crispy taco shell. Pancake House’s has a Taco of many ingredients compare to others.

Classic Pan Chicken for 192 pesos (2pcs.), Popular and well-loved crispy and succulent chicken served with steamed rice and flavorful homemade gravy.

Chicken in juicy crispy fried. One thing I like most, chicken taste fresh and don’t have frozen chicken after taste like in some leading fast food chains. Taste are noticeably different. So, 192 pesos for 2 pieces fried chickens is not expensive. Serve with steam rice make the price more reasonable. =)