This is not the biggest Philippine Lottery prize in history but today’s estimated jackpot prize of 150 Million Pesos for the GrandLotto 6/55 is a top choice to bet in any PCSO Lotto games at this moment which will give you also a trilling experience.

The odds of winning in any lotto or lottery games are a long shot at more or less than .01 percent. But for me, I use to bet lotto games to have chances of winning, at least even .01 percent I still have a chance than totally nothing. =) Chances are good if you will win this big pot of money. =)

Playing this kind of game is a form of entertainment. Besides, win or lose these kind of works will have helped to finance our government projects that most needy people will benefit.

Anyway, I recently bought a Lucky Pick ticket for tonight’s PCSO Grand Lotto 6/55 draw and an advanced LP ticket for January 30, 2016 evening draw for the same lottery game. =)