If you are a cheese lover, I am pretty much sure you will love this Four ‘4’ Cheese Burger from Burger King.

I’ve known this Burger King’s Four Cheese Whopper since it was launched. But I never attempt to buy one since I’m on a Healthy Diet Mode that time. =) As we’ve known that cheeses are high in cholesterol.

Besides of smoky, tasty and juicy burger patty it also contains layers and layers of cheese without lettuce, onion, tomato or any vegetables included. Feeling of I’m not having a proper balance diet if I will eat it during that time. =)
Yesterday, I tried 4 Cheese Whopper Jr. meal with Onion Rings of course and a regular drink and paid for 149 pesos only. It’s quite expensive compare to other Big Burgers outside but you’re paying here the four cheese blend consists of cheddar, mozzarella and jack cheeses, plus the cheddar sauce. =)

It’s like eating pizza with layers of cheese only. It’s like eating a completely different burger that cheese gives more flavor taste. You can’t experience this in any leading fast food restaurants that offer burgers.