Coarse crushed ice and few asado meat fillings with dull flavor. These are why I didn’t eat Chowking’s Halo-Halo and Siopao for a very long time.

Easily influenced by Kris Aquino from her latest TV endorsements, there’s no harm in trying again. =) Just want to take a look and taste at what improvements are really being made. Besides, best foods to eat this summer. =)

Chowking has made a huge improvement in Halo-halo as it has fine crushed ice. Chunks of banana, camote, sweet beans, red mongo and nata de coco are soft easy-to-chew ingredients. Typical taste of classic halo-halo mixed with evaporated milk, leche flan, ube and ice cream but I find it mildly sweet. At least, you have an option: add sugar to your personal taste.

Meanwhile, Chowking introduces their new Asado Siopao that’ll love you back for sure. Level up by making it great tasting, more chunkier meat filling. Soft and fluffy texture of the bun is awesome.

Asado Siopao from Chowking has shown it can compete to other great dim sum stores like Hen Lin. As I told you before from my previous blog, my 7 year old daughter likes to eat asado siopao only from Hen Lin although she had tasted many well known siopaos before. Whatever her reason may be, I don’t know but her taste tells the truth. =)