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Comments (6)
  1. Good afternoon Admin… Thank you for always posting … Magaan talaga sa budget ang combo meals at masarap pa… 🙂

  2. good noon admin and sister cuo meron ditosa sm Cebu na tik man ko na yan masarap ang chiken naka dalawa ako order yan

  3. Gandang hapon admin,ate cupcake, kuya…super sulit nga at importante sa lahat masarap na, good service pa. 🙂

  4. Gandang hapon po @ admin @ cupcake @ michael…miss ko n eto classic savory chicken last n kain ko p nito last nov.p 2015 s sm southmall wala kc dto s sm dasma e…sarap tlga ng chicken nila nkkgutom 🙂 tnx admin

  5. Classic Buttered Savory Chicken . . . my favorite!!

  6. Unfortunately I was assigned in ozamiz airport before the opening of SM seaside Cebu..chicken dishen are my favorite hhmmmm my wife would like to get back to Cebu one of these days!

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