It can be difficult to find good restaurant when you’re on a tight budget. Because of that, it will end up eating fast food. You can order a fried chicken meal at most fast food chains with cheap price. It’s supposed to be cheap and that’s what we thought but it’s really not.

It became a very common meal eaten repeatedly by a couple or an individual during a date, rest day or family day with small budget.

My family and I love fast food but we feel satiated sometimes. So, we find not the usual food place for a change but very affordable.

Going to a restaurant that is new for you, might be a little different and it seems you are afraid. Coming up with reason: I have little budget, is also not an excuse.

Yesterday, we went to the Classic Savory for lunch without knowing what’s great inside the restaurant. Beyond the cozy class design, budget meals amaze us.

Enjoy eating at a dining table for three with Classic Buttered Savory Chicken meals with chosen side dishes Chinese Pork Steak, Salt and Pepper Squid and Shanghai Rolls. Served with rice (plus another FREE extra rice) and 16oz Ice Tea for only 128 pesos per meal. Isn’t it amazing? =)

No chance of getting left-over food from their meals. That was one of the best affordable meals we’ve ever had. We thanked Classic Savory for their delicious meal.