They said this is the first in the Philippines and it’s also my first time to buy a KOPIKO 78°C Coffee Latte. Out of curiosity I bought 2 bottles at 7-Eleven the other day to taste, since I also need to drink coffee that time while driving going to my friend’s house live far away from my place because, it’s easy for me to drink with a refreshing cold coffee drink than hot while driving. =)

Let me tell it to you straight and honestly, I enjoyed this new beverage I’ve tasted. I’ve finished 2 bottles and started enjoying music on my car radio while taking my long driving.

While drinking this coffee latte, I taste the flavor of a high quality coffee bean. It’s very tasty, rich and great. I feel energized after. It gives me a feeling of productivity that day. I like it! And what I like most about this? It’s cheaper than any other popular brand in the market. It’s only 17 pesos. =)