It seems Dunkin’ Donuts is serious about promoting their products. Their latest promo for this year that will last until December 15, 2016 is the “FREE CAR In Every CUP” promo.

It’s not too late for us to win one out of the five Toyota Wigos, just enjoy drinking large Dunkin’ brewed coffee or a medium size cup of iced coffee at any store outlets, with every cup is the chance to have the grand prize of Toyota Wigo or other exciting consolation prizes.


I’m still looking for this promo since I’m a coffee lover and I have found Dunkin Coffee tastes fresh and great also. But, I think Wigo car is not for me only the Car-shaped ballpen and Classic Donut with Car candy topper which I’ve won recently. =)


Anyway, this great promo is still running and we still have a chance. See posters and print ads for details or visit any Dunkin’ Donuts store nationwide if you also want to join. Visit also their facebook account for more information.