I’m a Bunwich fan since Dunkin’ Donut started serving sandwiches and croissant decades ago. But, it’s very seldom that I have eaten this kind of sandwiches because not all Dunkin stores sell Bunwich and Croissant products, if they do, there were very few.

My favorite variety of Bunwich is the Bacon, Coleslow and Tomato but it is not available at the time I purchased the Chicken Salad as it was my second option.

Noticeable differences in size (obviously small) compare before but good taste never changes. Though it is still yummy but I felt the price of the Bunwich was very expensive at 60 pesos.

Maybe, it was a fare amount if it is a combo meal with regular drink or coffee. =)

But still enjoyed eating Chicken Salad Bunwich with Classic Boston Crème donut. =)