We have always been fans of Chinese food and el Presidente of Binondo is always our great option when dining with family. Chinese New Year is now widely celebrated here in the Philippines, and that’s why this Chinese restaurant has their Lucky Noodles promo for all customers.

What got our attention about their promotion? It was the price for only 88 pesos per order. Yesterday, we bought 2 orders of Beef Hofan and ate it with satisfaction and enjoyment. =)

But it’s not just always what the price is that can make you more satisfied.

They served it on a bigger plate (good for 2 persons) of perfectly cooked noodles, plenty of sliced tender beef meat and vegetables. Plus they gave us 3 Lucky Chocolate Coins for free. =) Sweet and salty is a typical flavor for Hofan noodles recipe but overall experience has left an excellent taste. =) Ate it mixed with their chili sauce.. Wow! =)