Food that I like most in one of the most successful fast food restaurant here in the Philippines is their classic hotdog sandwich. Here in Jollibee they call it Jolly Hotdog. Why they call it Jolly Hotdog? ……. =)

The bun is soft, fluffy and it’s a perfect choice matches to their steamed meaty tasty hotdog with cheese sauce, tomato catsup and grated cheese on top.

Although it doesn’t look like the most appealing hotdog sandwich, once you have tried “it tastes good” you will come back for sure. You will get a pleasant satisfied feeling after and leave with a happy smile on your face. Oops! … ‘Jolly = Happy’ and that’s why they call it Jolly Hotdog! =)

I also like Jollibee’s French Fries but thin sliced potatoes must be freshly fried and served hot and crispy otherwise I don’t like it. When they get cold their fries have poor texture and generally not yummy anymore. Because, sometime their service crew still serves lapsed French Fries.