Been a big Gina Mango Nectar fan for a long time even there are only a few stores out there who sell this product. This great mango juice is so hard to find now a days. I guess I’m just lucky there’s a big grocery store near us that sells this brand of juice drink.

Is it hard to find? Yes! So, is this the reason why I saw this Luzona Mango Juice Drink that looks almost the same packaging design as with Gina Mango Nectar? =)

Went to a different store the other day and saw Luzona Mango Juice. I got curious and bought a few cans in 240ml. to taste. =) Price is almost 2 pesos cheaper but quality on taste is not good compared to Gina. I didn’t taste the flavor of fresh mango and medicine after taste for me.

Price gap is not so big between the two but the product makes a huge difference to the quality. =)

I still like to stick with buying Gina brand when it comes to mango juice.