Even though my child loves mango juice and her favorite to bring in school is the Gina Mango Nectar, it’s not bad for her but it’s not always that great for her either.
I should prefer to have other fruit juices for her to drink, it is important that she may have other options. =)

When I saw this Gina Tropical Fruit Juice with the same size tin can 240ml. of Mango Nectar Juice I bought before in the supermarket, I didn’t hesitate. I bought a couple and try it out first to taste. =)

I prefer to drink it cold so I let it chill overnight. Flavor seems refreshing with obvious taste combination of tropical fruits but have sweet taste for me. I don’t know which fruit got the most flavors because I think one fruit blends well with other fruits.

Just like for an instance, Del Monte Four Seasons, it is blend of pineapple, mango, orange and guava. But guava fruit gives more flavor taste.

Anyway, Gina Tropical Fruit Juice is a combination of mango, papaya, guyabano, pineapple and calamansi. Overall for me, sweetness appears to have the most taste, but there’s a unique flavor that also refreshes me while drinking, that for sure my child will love it too. =)