My good friend whom I had not seen in years was at my house this afternoon. We had a good chat each other, spent hours talking and laughing together.

We’ve had a really fruitful conversation ended up eating with premium and classic donuts and had a great time drinking brewed coffee.

My wife bought us a Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee & MoreOne For Three’. It is a ‘One box For Three persons’ snack special promo from Dunkin’ Donuts consist of; choose your own 3 premium and 3 classic donuts with 3 brewed coffee for only 249 pesos. =) If you love coffee just like we do, try this promo for an easy 36 pesos saving.

Original Price List
Premium Donut = 35 pesos
Classic Donut = 20 pesos
Brewed Coffee = Medium 40 and Large 50 pesos