While paying my bills the other day over the counter at my nearest Globe Telecom branches, lady cashier promotes related products.

Not just because it is cheap but its brand name is well known in technology. Actually, it was marked down to Php625.00, reduced its price by 50% of the original price of 1250 pesos. So, this Yoobao M10 Power Bank 10000mAh is actually worth buying at its offer price of P625.00 exclusive from Globe stores.

Though this item is not the best high capacity portable power bank in town, but perfect balance between portability, capacity, quality and most especially the price matters most.

Imagine, you can have fair storage capacity of 10000mAh with 2 output used: DC 5V 1A/1A (Max), 1 output used: DC 5V 2.1A (Max) and portability, that you could bring it everywhere (Dimensions: 139x64x23mm Weight: 290g).
When it comes to quality, for sure this Yoobao product undergoes a series of quality control checks. No doubt for accuracy, 100% accurate battery capacity for sure. So no worries as Globe recommends it as well.

Pricing, as I’ve told you, it is really worth paying for 625 pesos compare to other Power Banks you see in black markets or even in big Malls. This Yoobao M10 portable power bank sells from Globe stores is much better and safe rather than buying fake or sub standard power banks. =)

Using the said power bank, I’m satisfied with its performance; charges faster and stable up to 4 gadgets. I’m so impressed, without heating up while charging the device (that’s the most important). =)

Power banks are becoming very popular and useful these days and you may need at least one for sure. So, I really recommend this Yoobao M10 sells from Globe stores.