Last week was school awards day at my daughter’s school. We were happy she had gotten on the honor roll and received gold medal.

I first treated Jaira a Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream after her school had informed us that she will get an award.

And part of our celebration, we’ve been to Ice Flower Korean Dessert Café in Molito Complex, Alabang, not just to taste Korean delicious sweet treats but for Jaira to witness snow falling as our surprise treats for her again.

Because Ice Flower offers a place with snow falling where kids experience and play real ice crystals in a very cold room.

They don’t charge an entrance fee but expect to pay a very expensive price for their food, like we ordered the other day. Mango Cheese Single for a whooping price of 270 pesos served in a medium size bowl. It seems like it includes service fee for their snow falling features. =)

Ice Flower’s Mango Cheese is made up of mango, cheese, condensed milk and crushed ice. It’s like our Halo-Halo, Mais or Saging Con Yelo or any mixed fruits and delicacies. But very fine textured shaved ice makes me impressed. In fairness, blend of those ingredients taste good and yummy. =)