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Comments (9)
  1. Good noon admin

    Sarap naman nyan admin at mag eenjoy pa mga mga bata..congrats to your daughter and the proud parents.

  2. Hello po bossing n zoel, pix palang masarap na. Wow! galing namam ni Jaira.. grats po bossing #proudparents.

  3. Hi styles n zoel 🙂
    Sarap nam nito.. ano yung powdered na white
    sorry curious lang ako 🙂
    Congrats admin to your unica hija

  4. Cupcake_vmd

    Good afternoon Admin, Zoel, ganda Styles and sis Anom… Congrats to your daughter Jaira and to the proud parents as well… Wow! Nice naman ang place na yan ang Sarap ng dessert at the same time ma experience ng mga kids ang snow falling… Thank you po for sharing… 🙂

  5. Admin, congrats to your daughter Jaira.

  6. Hi anom, yung powdered na white na tinatanong mo ay ung ice… see very fine kaya napagkamalan mong powder. =)

  7. Gud eve admin @ zoel cupcake styles anom and ygar … Wow nice congrats to ur daughter admin gudnyt all

  8. superman ( man of steal )


  9. Thanks admin ..ice pala yun…matitikman ko rin ito..malapit na…

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