I’m happy to announce to  you the two new flavors of Gina Nectar Juices. I have had these Calamansi and Guyabano variants after we went to the grocery store and bought some the other day.

Many juice brands on market all competing to be the best and I believe that Gina is one of them. I always love to buy juice has pure extract or nectar with natural taste or blend like Gina juices have had.

Of course, drinking fresh fruit juice is better than any other juices in can or tetra pack. But, at least Gina Juices are one of the best compare to other commercial juices that contain flavoring chemicals and plenty of sugar with awful medicine after taste.

At least this time, it’s about again other flavor options for my child’s school snack drink not only the Gina Mango Nectar and Tropical Fruit Juice. =)

By the way, Calamansi Juice price is almost 20 pesos and Guyabano Nectar for 30 pesos in a 240 or 250ml tin easy open can. And you will get the taste of their own natural fruit flavor that makes for a satisfying drink.

You may look a bit shocking at first about the price but it is about getting what you pay for. =)