I was not aware that J.CO DONUTS & COFFEE is celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary. I was surprised when I enter in Alabang Town Center (ATC), Alabang-Zapote Road mall entrance near BPI New Alabang branch and Converse boutique yesterday morning. I saw a very long line of people waiting. It is not usual to see like this in ATC. Out of natural curiosity, I just followed the crowd and discovered the reason. =)

It’s the last day of the 3-Day Promo treat from J.CO that started last March 14, 2017. They are offering 2 dozens of Donuts or 2 boxes for only 500 pesos. Sounds cool! It’s a good feeling having a great offer you didn’t expected, that’s why I end up falling in line to grab also the opportunity. =)

Imagine, it’s like only the price 2 dozens of Dunkin’ Donuts. At least when you get the offer from J.CO, flavors and tastes are different. And we all know that J.CO Donuts are more expensive than Dunkin. =)

But, none of us are lucky all of the time, because while I was on the back end of line, one of J.CO’s staff approaches us and said, “they will only accommodate customers who are having promo stubs”. And it’s only 500 stubs which they already gave earlier. Other customers are holding 2 stubs. =(

So, even customers without stubs have spent hours in line to buy, there is no guarantee to avail J.Co’s anniversary deal promo. And I’m one of those unlucky people that day.

It’s okay with me, still thanks to J.CO DONUTS & COFFEE for having a great offer that many people appreciated. =)

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