Our love of travel has only increased when we started traveling together with our daughter after she turned 7 years old two years ago. We’ve been making regular trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau over the last two years. Family travel trip has allowed us to become closer to each other. =)

Expensive trip is not the most important thing in travel, you can also have within the country and it also builds stronger bonds with your partner and children. Sometimes my wife and I just start wanting different things from life and that’s why trips abroad started.

There are many best cities in Asia, and Tokyo, Japan is one of the must visit place. I’ve heard many great things about Japan and numbered of good reasons to spend our vacation in Tokyo.

You must admit that most of us are dreaming or planning our next destination here, whether you have enough money or you don’t have, anyway dreaming is Free! =)

But before you begin, there is one thing that most Filipino must prepare, Japan tourist VISA. And this is always a major problem for many travelers.

But as they say, now, getting this visa is easier and comfortable than before. You don’t need to come to the Embassy for an interview even personal appearance. Many travel agencies assist applicants to have or secure tourist visa to Japan.

I was recommended by my friend about this RELI Tours & Travel who have assisted or helped many Filipino travelers obtain their Japan travel visa. The staff was very warm and accommodating. Just fill out all the information needed in the application form available in their office and submit it together with all required documents. Pay the processing of 950 pesos and let them do their job. =)

They are not able to tell you results over the phone. You don’t need to track your application status after applying, the best thing you can do is wait for 3 working days and they are the one who will call or text anytime of the day for passport pick up. Though they will say, results can take up to 7 days but it’s faster than you expected.

Upon pick up, if there’s a white sticker attached at the back of your passport it means you are going to fly to Japan because it indicates that your visa application was approved. If the white sticker got a red marked, just try again to apply after six months. I’ve just noticed about this with other applicants.

Travel agencies really don’t know the exact reason for the rejection. They are just helping us in processing our application. Japan embassy doesn’t disclose any reasons regarding visa denial.

We made our dreams of visiting Japan a reality after applying tourist visa last month. And we are fortunate to have Japan travel visas and we are the lucky ones to visit at any period of time because each of us got a multiple entry visa for five years. =)