Jollibee has expanded its menu to offer other sweet course. Banana Langka Pie is the latest product has to offer new that meet customers want. It is like one of our popular food snacks Turon but with a twist.

Though different in method of processing, Jollibee’s Banana Langka Pie reflects Philippine culture. Favorite Filipino snack food Turon, usually sold along streets with Banana Cue.

It is like their best seller Peach Mango Pie coated in a golden crispy thin crust. Sweet and tasty recipe, small chunks of cardava (saging na saba) blend with jackfruit (langka) flavored syrup filling.

Banana Langka Pie is relatively small, size is less than normal compare to Peach Mango Pie. So, I find it very pricy for 27 pesos. =)