I tried to buy a new brand for me that cost 104 pesos for 1 liter mango nectar juice because I hardly see again our favorite GINA Mango Nectar Juice which is much cheaper and delicious compare to this Just Delicious Fruit Juices Mango Nectar from The Just Squeezed Company I bought yesterday.

I don’t want to say buying Just Delicious Mango Nectar is about wasting your money but I’m pretty sure that most of you will also not like the taste of this nectar juice. But in fairness, it seems like it is made from real, quality and fresh mangoes. I think, since it is made from Australia, ripe mango fruit used is not the same as our local mango here in the Philippines and that’s why the taste is different.

I don’t have doubt why Mango is our national fruit and I can believe that it’s also the world’s number one mango. =)