Many of us love to drink coffee, but the prices continue to go up so 3-in-1 coffee mix is pretty good for those on a budget. A number of new coffee products being introduced over the last year that have innovation like twin packs and thought that those items tend to set cheapest price in markets.

KOPIKO introduces their new 3-in-1 coffee mix in double pack with exactly the same concept joining the current trend, but KOPIKO Double Cups Original 3-in-1 Coffee Mix is much cheaper than other brands. You can have 2 cups of original coffee mix from KOPIKO for just 8 pesos.

Reducing price without compromising on taste is a big deal. KOPIKO Double Cups Original 3-in-1 Coffee Mix is still rich in taste and has tempting aroma. In very affordable price, you can still enjoy drinking this coffee the same way before.

I think this coffee has the most rich in taste for the lowest price of any 3 in 1 coffee mix double packs.