I saw this on TV commercial the other day, “I think I will try that” I said, since we have plan for a long drive tour yesterday.

KRATOS Strong Coffee Double Shot Espresso imported from Thailand is making a name for himself in the coffee world here in the Philippines. Though it’s not our own product, as long as our government recognizes it as safe, for me it’s fine. I think this item is BFAD approved since it has local TV AD exposure. More importantly, they are not over priced compare to other local brands having mix coffee in tin can.

Drinking both the KRATOS Black and Original Latte in chilled truly refreshed me. Taste like quality coffee and really affect my mood. I was energized like “Boom, Gising!” after I finished two 240ml. tin cans and enjoyed my long road drive. =)

Effect is a bit strong than KOPIKO 78°C Coffee Latte. Prize is more expensive than KOPIKO 78°C (78°C is P17.00 while KRATOS is P24.00) but much cheaper than Nescafe product with price of almost 60 pesos. =)