Last January I wrote a blog about Jack N’ Jill Potato Chips, that I can hardly find it in the supermarket. In that case, why not have other options?

Since I’m one of those people who use to eat potato chips I need to find an alternative if I can’t see any Jack N’ Jill Potato Chips Classic Plain Salted Flavor in the grocery store.

I’m lucky in having found this Farmer John Premium Potato Chips distributed by Leslie’s.

This was the first time I have purchased Potato Chips Simply Salted flavor from Farmer John. Quality and taste exactly the same to me as other Plain Salted Flavor from Jack N’ Jill.

They’re both made of 100% real fresh potatoes. Nobody is going to say no to these very crispy and yummy quality simple recipe potato chips. For sure, they can compete successfully with other similar products even some leading imported brands.

I’m probably going to buy again, any of the two options will do or both. =)