I had a free stuff on offer from products before but I forgot the date of purchased and only recall it was around 2 months ago. This Mr. Muscle Concentrated Liquid Cleaner from SC Johnson & Son, Inc. with exclusive fragrance from Glade Wild Lavender scent is the one I’m talking about.

I’ve already used it personally in our house. Because, I was already accustomed doing house cleaning as a stay at home dad. =) Cleaning/mopping our floor tiles naturally with this household cleaner makes easy. It also gives long lasting home fragrance.

One thing I also like with this cleaner is, it will not damage the glazed surface of your floor tiles. It’s very nice, promise! Plus! a note with an action of disinfectants. =) But, I don’t use this in toilet cleaning only in floor mopping.

So after finishing the free sample, I bought the much bigger size plastic bottle with Fresh Lemon scent this time.