The sneakers I usually love to wear are having the most popular name brand Nike. But it’s not totally the name of the brand I like, it’s all about quality and style.

Known for classic style and comfort in addition to quality, a pair of Nike Air Force 1 is always my choice. When I do buy rubber shoes, I really want to find one that is similar model to the pairs I already have. I’ve owned several pairs of Air Force One in the past and still having one pair using for 4 years with vamp or upper parts still looks great but it end up a broken mid sole last week. But it’s worth spending time with it. =)

I’m the kind of person who usually buys one pair and wear it all the time or buy two pairs and alternate them daily.

I decided to get a new pair of Air Force 1 but now I have a really hard time finding anything like that in any leading department stores. I also went in some Nike Factory Outlet stores even in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and yet, still so difficult to find. =(

I don’t know if the company or manufacturers know about this. But I hope that my favorite style of sneakers will come out soon.