I thought Lots’A Pizza were gone since I don’t see branches anymore. Their pizza stores I’ve known where I use to order and buy already closed their doors years ago. But I made a mistake after I saw recently one of their branches.

I also like classic pizzas from Lots’ A Pizza were grated cheddar cheese is used. But I really didn’t know what the cheese ingredient were used because they’ll never reveal the exact kind, it simply says pizza cheese. Chosen cheese ingredient kept secret and I should respect it.

Anyway, it always tastes like cheddar cheese to me that I find it great and flavorful, perfect blend for Filipino-style pizzas. More tasty than mozzarella, that they made their own pizzas different.

Other thing that I also want from their classic pizzas is their parbaked crust. Why? It’s a pizza dough turns out like bread when cooked. It’s getting very soft but crispy bottom crust. And you’ll love to eat it again for sure after reheated in oven toaster. My daughter also loves it.

It’s not like other pizza dough with hard and chewy after baked. What’s the use of having great pizza topping combinations if the crust was poor? =)

I don’t know who popularized first the parbaked crust with cheddar cheese pizza here in the Philippines but Lots’ A Pizza develops its own quality Filipino-style pizza recipes like other brands; 3M Pizza Pie, Greenwich, Fatboy’s Pizza etc.

By the way, I just bought pizzas from their Lots’a COMBO Treats promo. Chose XLarge Combo ( 1 XLarge 13” Best Seller, 1 XLarge 13” Classic Pizza with Free Pepsi 1.5L) at 499 pesos only.

Perfect afternoon family snacks with these Garden Harvest and Hawaiian Delight XLarge pizzas from Lots’A Pizza. =)