Expensive at first sight for customer looks after the price and just compared to other Crispy Pata from popular mass market Filipino food restaurants.

Yes! I’m talking about the Pinoy’s all time favorite Crispy Pata after we ate our lunch yesterday at Café Adriatico in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City. We tried it with Kare-Kare and plain rice. =)

Price of 625 pesos compared from other version of the same food against the others is quite high. But, it’s a super size dish that your family will enjoy eating more real crispy pork skin and palatable tender juicy meat. Taste absolutely nothing like traditional crispy pata but not salty with a bit of spicy flavor. ‘Quantity and Quality’, they are both true in these simple reasons.

It serves bigger and possible for you to get a biggest smile. =)