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Comments (9)
  1. good morning admin nagutom tuloy ako 🙂 meron kaya ditto sa Cebu? ang mura pa

  2. Good morning Admin and bro Michael… Sarap naman nyan ako rin ginutom… Mawawala diet natin nyan… Have a great day ahead guys… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Good afternoon Admin…wow ang sarap namam po nyan,so yummy..

  4. Yum!!!!! Yum!!!!! At budget meal.

  5. Stylesquared166

    yummy nga…Tara na kain na tayong lahat pero kayo ang taya ha? hihihi 🙂

  6. wow! ang sarap nman nyan ma try nga po..

  7. hmmn sa picture pa lang, busog ka na.. Meron na kaya yan dito sa davao? well, i’ll try to find out ‘lechon macau with kangkong’..

  8. When we used to live in pacific village alabang that is the dimsum resto we normally goes to on weekends but moving back here in cebu there is no magic wok
    Branch so nag tyaga nalang kami ng lechon belly…
    Cant wait to dine at SM Seaside at Tim Huan branch for real dimsum treat!!!

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