Buying to a latest gadget model may be tempting but upgrading to a new system or features make your new gadget worth buying. And this is why I’m so excited and was really curious to see my new iPad mini 4 gold if it is worth to be bought.

I had never had too much interest in buying the mini 3 version after it was launch late quarter of 2014 simply because, there is no new standard compare to 2nd generation model. A patch includes a Touch ID that makes only the difference.

With my new gadget, tagged as the most powerful iPad mini because, it comes with new and faster processor. An A8 chip which it says is almost 30% faster than the older A7 processor used in the mini 2 and 3. Fast processor chip really makes sense for my online work.


Though, nothing has changed in the LCD Retina display compare to version 2 and 3. Another reason has caught my attention is the new image sensing capacity. From 5 (mini 2 & 3) to 8 megapixel rear camera, which gives me more to enjoy my hobby using this gadget.

Free Wi-Fi access when I’m out makes my online life easier. iPad mini 4 also supports 802.11ac which allows high quality and faster wireless internet connection. Though I have taken a mobile data plan, I want to enjoy the benefit of free Wi-Fi. =)

Major changes in Apple’s iPad mini line for me to say it’s worth waiting from my old mini 2 to my newly purchased iPad mini 4. =)