Tortillas or pitas that are used to make most Shawarma and Soft Taco or Burritos are already available in the market. We use to buy this Village Gourmet Tortillas and it finds us easy to do our own recipes.

Making homemade shawarma or soft taco from prepared pita dough is a quick and easy snack or meal any time of the day. Just heat the pita for 1 to 2 minutes in the oven toaster or into a pan before making your favorite soft taco or shawarma recipe.

Yesterday, we used Century Tuna Flakes in Oil, as the oil makes as our sauce, with ideal amount of lettuce and sliced cucumber. Sometimes, we used sardines in tomato sauce or shredded boiled skinless chicken breast. And to make it more satisfying, we always put cheese. =)

Add a little extra chopped onions and hot sauce if you like to make it spicy. =)

It’s more healthy and much less expensive than fast foods. =)