I know I’m not the only one who’s interested in this comeback. Though, it’s back for a limited time, many of us feeling happy.

Had a chance to eat again this McSPICY! at McDonald’s the other day and another great eating experience again with this chicken sandwich. It is said that it is made from a juicy cut of spicy whole chicken meat, bursting with flavor from choice spices, topped with fresh, crispy lettuce and special mayonnaise. Wow! I really enjoyed eating this! =)

Honestly, it’s been my favorite meal since I had one on the first day they launched. It’s like the Zinger which is also one of my favorite foods at KFC. But, felt bad after phased out the product last year.

I will definitely miss McSPICY! again. Just enjoy eating this while it is still available. =)

By the way, you can buy this McSpicy with french fries and soft drink in small, medium and large meal at price of 133, 153 and 170 pesos. See my picture1   picture2