We have many plans or looking for summer activities for our children, and most of us, learning how to swim is always on our bucket list.

Finding the best swimming lessons for our kids has always been a common question or our problem. For me, how close does your child really want to get into swimming or anything? This is the question I’m always looking for.

My 7 year old daughter Jaira loves water play whether she is in a pool or beach ever since she was a small kid. She didn’t seem afraid at all, and made swim attempts by her own.

I didn’t force her to take swimming instruction but she gave me reasons to believe it was the time to get her a formal swimming lessons.

I found one humble and young swim instructor recommended by a friend willing to teach swimming to kids in very affordable fee. His fee is a lot cheaper compare to others sponsored and commercialized swimming lessons.

I don’t rely on fee costs to determine superb teaching but profile, recommendations and story of kids succeed in swimming from coach’s hands. And this is why I chose Coach Dominique ‘Dom’ Yabut.

Coach Dom graduated college from Marine School and pursued a career in seafaring. In feeding his passion for swimming, he started teaching swimming lessons for kids when he is on work vacation.

Not just because he’s a trained coach swimmer but patience in teaching kids means more to me that made him an ideal coach.

Jaira finished a series of swimming lessons at Villa Ocampo Resort, Bacoor City Cavite and now she swims great with confidence. Thanks to Coach Dom! =)

Watch Jaira’s Swimming Video 1

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