Siopao Asado or Bola-bola is one of our typical all-day snacks. For a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack still it is perfect to eat in between meals.

Cheaper price will make you want to eat Siopao or other famous dim sum dishes. And don’t use price as a cue to best food quality and assume that a higher priced food product is better. But it is not always the reason for buying or reorder.

But in Hen Lin fast food restaurant, their Siopao are among the best Siopaos you can use to eat and still you can save extra money. Their regular Siopao Asado or Bola-bola is only 35 pesos but for sure you will be satisfied.

Hen Lin Dimsum Siopao is easy to buy on a budget and eating with satisfaction that’s why we use to buy it every now and then. And this is the only Siopao my daughter likes to eat. =) She just doesn’t like the taste and texture of other Siopaos. =)