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Comments (8)
  1. Paborito ko tlga siopao tuwing nsa byahe kmi lagi kmi my baong siopao mdali kc kainin at nkkbusog d best k tlga Hen Lin siopao sarap yum yum….morning admin and honeyqulit

  2. Good morning, honeyqulit and heart14…me too fave ko siopao… Yummy

  3. Good morning
    ang Sarap naman I missed SIOPAO…

  4. Stylesquared166

    Hello po sa lahat…me naman ang gusto ko sa siopao yung dough lang (bun) ..tinatanggal ko ang laman gusto ko plain lang lalo na pag bagong luto ang sarap! 🙂

  5. I like siopao, sana may Hen Lin Dimsum Siopao po dito sa bohol admin…

  6. I always like to eat siopao but the problem is mahiram humanap ng chicken siopao,I am a muslim s hen lin meron nakalagay s menu nila kaya lang not available daw.

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