Milk plays an important role in our kid diet. So, my 7 year old daughter still drinks cup of milk 2 times a day, in the morning and evening before bed.

She used to drink Enfagrow milk products for years. Now, she’s grown, she is a big girl now, so we switched her milk to this Nestle Bear Brand powdered milk drink just after she turned 7.

Commercial on television has an indirect but powerful impact on TV viewers. Creative advertisements are also effective in inspiring people to buy products. That’s why my daughter gets to choose her own milk at a supermarket, even haven’t tasted it yet. =)

Until now, she is enjoying drinking her milk for months without having any complaints. =)

Anyway, Nestle Bear Brand powdered milk drink would be a good option to replace her formula milk before.

We got this powdered milk drink pack with a promo of free big plastic container. =)