Drinking our favorite coffee first thing in the morning can give us a natural energy booster. Sometimes, drinking only a cup of coffee as a breakfast will start our day, right? =)

I always drink my coffee in the morning with my breakfast or after. But on some occasions, I drink chocolate milk wherein I use my daughter’s own MILO powdered chocolate drink. =)

But now, Nestle has been making big changes to its popular chocolate drink. Oh! It’s not going to change anything, but has made another new chocolate drink good for grown ups. =)

These new Nestle MILO R2 For Adults Powdered Chocolate Drink and MILO Nutri- Up 3-in-1 Chocolate Malt Drink For Adults I bought have FREE Running Belt for every purchase of 2 pcs. MILO R2 390g. where you can use to bring smart phone, money or other small stuff while running. Good for me! =)

Both of these new MILO Malt drinks are fit for adults getting extra benefits of calcium and protein. With sugar and milk added, it’s 3-in-1 mix all ready and just waiting for hot water to enjoy. =)