When it comes to fried chicken “crispy” is what we are looking for. We love to eat KFC fried chicken and Hot and Crispy is our best choice, but sometimes my daughter complains about the crispiness of the original variant at times when she chose not to eat hot.

Two best reasons why we love to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

-Great services! Their delicious gravy is being offered unlimited. They also provide clean drinking water. These services let you access anytime in the dispenser without asking.
-Chicken had no frozen after taste.

Anyway, there is no reason now my daughter will talk about the crunchiness because there is already KFC Extra Crispy Chicken, Crispy, Not Spicy. =) Additional variant that kids will surely love. Thanks to KFC! =)

We enjoyed eating this new KFC Extra Crispy Chicken the other day. =) View my recent photo…