Many of us love pizza, and some of us want a great pizza but don’t want to end up over budget, right? Well then you will all love this cheese pizza from Sbarro. I say it’s better and inexpensive pizza.

Sbarro is a well known pizza brand for its quality, unique and pricy Italian style pizza by the slice recipes. But now, Sbarro offers their New York Style Cheese Pizza for only 289 per box of whole 17” pizza. It’s a famous pizza that originally costs 499 pesos discounted by 42%.

Good news! The pizza promo is expected to get permanently discounted in the upcoming days. And they sell by the slice, Super Slice at P49.00 of their famous NY Style Cheese pizza. It’s already cheaper compare to pizza parlors that sell sliced pizzas because it’s a lot bigger.

Want even more good news? They already have Pizza booth express counters that sell pizzas by the slice. I saw one new kiosk at SM Southmall last week and bought one Super Slice NY Style Cheese pizza for my snack and enjoyed eating at the food court. =)