Tokyo Tokyo is one of my wife and daughter’s favorite fast food restaurants so I have no choice but to join with them when they ask to dine-in there the other day.

It’s worth to try to sit and eat at Tokyo Tokyo after I saw Wagyu Cheeseburger at the menu board. My attention is attracted to these phrases: “100% Locally Raised Wagyu,
Melt in your mouth 100% locally raised Wagyu beef patty served with fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun”.

For the price of 160 pesos, this new burger from Tokyo Tokyo is more expensive when it comes to sizes but to quality and taste, it’s all worth trying.

I know it’s unwise to pay too much but a different quality delicious taste is what you are paying. I will surely come back and try again this Wagyu Cheeseburger. =)

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