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Comments (11)
  1. Good morning Admin… Gusto ko talaga yan apple pie and peach mango pie masarap po talaga 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Goodmorning admin @ cupcake…pareho masarap po yn pro mdalas ko binibili ay mango pie paborito ko kc mangga

  3. Gandang umaga admin.ate cupcake i love peach mango pie, lalo na pag mainit init pa sarap talaga 🙂

  4. @heart hello…oo sarap talaga ng peach mango pie..d pa ako naka try sa apple.

  5. Pareho kong gusto yan, Mcdo’s apple pie and Jollibee’s peach mango pie.

  6. good afternoon admin, sis cupcake, sis heart, sis styles and brod ygar.. yang mga pie’s na yan ang laging pinaBibili ng Bunso ko kapag ako ay pupunta ng downtown, “Pa pwedi Drive-Tru ng Apple Pie or Peach Mango Pie?” sabay paglalambing sa akin, syimpre wala kang magagawa bili ka na lang baka magtampo.. pero ang hindi alam ng bunso ko ay bago ako dumating mg bahay ay nakaka-Ubos din ako ng isa, hehe.

    thanks admin..

  7. Masarap po talaga Mcdo’s apple pie and Jollibee’s peach mango pie!!!

  8. ….having peach and mango is what matters to me regardless of the one who made it!!!!i really love both but i would it very much if they both serve apple crumble….hehehehehe

  9. Good evening sa lahat just came fr malling 🙂 kakain ko lang apple pie fr McDo… Yummy
    apple n peach pie available d2 🙂

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