People actually eat more ice cream during summer, just like me and my family. Aside from our favorite blend, it’s good for a change sometimes. It may not be what we want but it is really what we need. Because, if we eat the same flavor over and over we will easily get fed up, right? =)

But so many flavors to choose from, so difficult! And since it‘s very hard to find one over the other, positive feedbacks needed. This is why I chose Coffee Crumble Ice Cream from Selecta.

First time we bought this flavor based on recommendations from our friends, because they said, it’s delicious.

Since I’m a coffee lover, didn’t take me long to decide. Selecta Coffee Crumble had a great coffee taste but it was not as sweet as expected compare to other ice cream flavors.

Indulge with mildly sweet creamy ice cream coffee flavor loaded with chocolate bits that has sweet taste give me the perfect blend. Mixed with chunks of cashew nuts make it so much better. =)