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Comments (9)
  1. superman ( man of steal )

    good evening po admin wow malaki na pala bukas kailgan maka bili ako. good evening dia cup cake dia styles dia anom dia heart brother ygar brother zoel nasaan na kayo tumaya na tayo bukas

  2. good am admin brod superman opo bili na po tayong lahat mga sitemates gud luck & god bless. salamat admin

  3. Goodmorning admin @ michael edwin..bumili dn ako nito nka 3numbers lng ako hehehe…nangangarap dn mkjackpot 🙂

  4. Bili ng tayo ng ticket para manalo!!

  5. Good morning boss admin bro superman sis heart ygar wow laki na pala ang jackpot..tara bro superman bili na tayo ng sampung ticket baka palarin

  6. Gandang gabi po .. wow sana manalo tayo noh kahit isang beses lang hihi.. wish ko lang po. Thank u for sharing po.

  7. Cupcake_vmd

    Good Morning Admin, bro Michael, Edwin, Heart, Ygar, Zoel and gandaSyles… Wow malaki na ang pot money… GOODLUCK boss Admin and to everyone GOODLUCK…

  8. Good evening admin at sa iba pa…sana ako manalo khit 5digit lang .. 🙂

  9. GoodLuck sa atin lahat 🙂
    Amen Amen ..wish to Win 🙂 🙂

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