We’re casually strolling around inside a mall when suddenly my daughter points out a direction with her finger and said, “Scratch, scratch”. I saw a lotto booth in the corner and said, “Oh! Scratch Card.. Just choose any card you want and I will buy for you”. =)

She chose the PCSO Scratch It Red Hot 7’s KaskaSwerte Play & Win, whatever her reason I just bought one for her to play it in our house.

It shows exactly how much parents influence their children’s lives. I use to buy scratch card from PCSO when I have extra money, bring it at home and play. Is this, children doing what their parents do? =)

As she is in the appropriate age I’ll just explain it to her anyway, that playing lottery games by government is spending extra money for a good cause such as a charity. =)

After scratching the card, Jaira won 70 pesos. =) It’s a game to get 7’s in any row, column or diagonal to win the amount shown.