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Comments (10)
  1. wow ang mura na yan admin saying baka ubos na kung nag kataon malamang baka magkita pa tayo hahahaha good luck po enjoy po sabakasyon

  2. Good evening.sayang mura na yan lalo for family…sana may promo ulit next year… Have a Nice Holiday admin n Michael …..

  3. sana maka avail ako yan kasi mura, tama sa bakasyon sa buong pamilya.

  4. Good Admin, bro Michael, sis Anom and sir Jag… WOW! cheap airfare but still I can’t afford… Enjoy your vacation … 🙂

  5. Good morning admin @ michael anom jaguar cupcake…wow mura n yn ang inaabangan ko promo manila-cdo di kmi nkaavail ngpromo ang cebu pacific puno n agad…have a nice trip enjoy ur vacation pasalubong po c mickey mouse lng hehehe joke lng po ingat po gbu….

  6. Nice promo ng PAL. Okey yan Admin.

  7. Good morning admin, good morning brothers and sisters..

    Enjoy your vacation Bos Admin, goodluck and God bless.

  8. Stylesquared166

    gandang hapon po sa lahat…super tipid nga…happy trip po!

  9. kailan pa kaya ako makasakay ng eroplano……

  10. Sana manalo para makahabol sa promo..malay po natin mga bro..

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