Who can say no to sizzling dish? I guess nobody, because, almost anything can sizzle up on a sizzling platter. But steak or beef cuts are the most popular in sizzling menu.

I want to share with you where I usually eat good steaks in yummy and affordable prices. I eat Sizzling T-bone or Porterhouse quite often at MESA STEAK SIZZLERS in Alabang Town Center ATC Mall.

They serve large cuts in juicy, tender and tasty even without the gravy. But more delightful, eating with hot thick and yummy gravy sauce. Quality and serving like these at price of 149 pesos, with big cup java rice and soup. Who doesn’t love to eat here very often? No one! =)

Worth buying steak only cost P149 as we ate our lunch yesterday using meal-sharing, just bought 2 extra java rice. =)
Noticeable differences in serving size, taste and price to other Sizzling Houses you usually see in leading Shopping Malls.