We enjoy fresh fruit juices and mango juice is always our favorite. Also the fruit itself has an important place in our dining table. There’s no doubt that our national fruit is mango. =)

Every morning, I was excited to start my day if I had with this particular brand of 100 percent Mango Juice, GINA MANGO NECTAR. Every time I see this at the supermarket I stop and get some to put it in our grocery cart. I have always bought this with specific brand I mentioned because I’ve found it that it was really good and best mango juice ever. Promise! Will surprise you with the taste that you’ll love the way I do.

With glass of ice feels me refreshed and energized after drinking this GINA MANGO NECTAR mango juice. The perfect amount of sweetness of mango puree, no need to add anything … it is refreshing!

But, you could hardly see this on the market or grocery store even in leading supermarkets. It’s very rare to find unlike before. I just luckily found it again in Makati Supermarket in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. =)