While looking for something to drink, a good drink to refresh me this hot summer, I saw this Winter Melon made by Tiong Hwa at the SM Supermarket.

Thankfully, there is healthy alternative drink like this to commercialized sugary drinks with artificial color, flavor and preservatives in the market. Because, Tiong Hwa Winter Melon juice drink is natural and no preservatives.

We probably don’t know about winter melon or practice of using it as a juice drink compare to other common tropical fruits here in the Philippines, but at least for a change and something new, I tried it for only 69 pesos per 1 liter and this gave me a fruit punch flavor drink. Taste like you are drinking a gulaman with brown sugar syrup (arnibal). It’s just short of being too sweet but it is very pleasant and refreshing when drinking cold. =)

Glad to know also that winter melon is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B2. =)

View my Tiong Hwa’s Winter Melon photo