I will never forget having scoops of delicious ice cream this summer most especially, my favorite flavor. Last time I bought Magnolia’s Mango Salted Caramel ice cream and tasted it for the first time after my daughter asked me to buy one.

This time, I can’t wait to try my favorite ice cream classic flavors; Double Dutch and Rocky Road. Both taste great for me regardless of its makers. Nice to have there are 2-in-1 ice creams, 2 flavors in 1 pack. So I can taste and eat both my favorite flavors at the same time on a budget.

I just bought Selecta 2 in 1 Double Dutch and Rocky Road Ice Cream 1.5L (half gallon) at price of 240 pesos for a great way to refresh ourselves. There’s nothing better than a cup of something cold creamy and tasty like ice cream on a hot day.